Grain Storage

Dengie's centralised grain storage facilities are designed not only to supplement members’ own on-farm storage, but also - more importantly - to improve the marketability of their cereals, oilseeds and pulses. The modern complex has all the necessary facilities to analyse, clean, dry, blend and store all combinable crops to meet accurately the specifications set by today’s demanding buyers.


A well-equipped, modern laboratory has facilities to provide fast, accurate measurement of moisture, protein, hagberg, bushel weight and screenings. Oilseed rape is also tested for glucosinolate and oil analysis.


Cleaning equipment includes a pre-cleaner and a cleaner-grader capable of preparing cereals, oilseeds or pulses to the various standards required by millers, maltsters and other buyers. A gravity separator provides additional cleaning capacity and can also be used to improve the hagberg of milling wheat.


A continuous flow dryer has a capacity of 30tph at 5% extraction. The main terminal silos also have a low ventilation system with automatic stop and start controlled by ambient air temperature and relative humidity.


Storage capacity is more than 20,000 tonnes, with an intake capacity of 240tph. There is also a 50-tonne weighbridge. Grain Storage and Grain Marketing work closely together to obtain premium prices for high specification samples of cereals and oilseeds.